Sisal & Tow is a fabrication studio directed by Becca Barnet.

Fabrication Studio
Fabrication Studio

About the Studio

Sisal & Tow specializes in fabricating one-of-a-kind artworks to enhance businesses, homes, and public spaces. With truly unique skill sets, S&T will create, preserve, re-appropriate, re-arrange or re-finish. Sisal & Tow can produce anything you could imagine.

Can't imagine? S&T can do that for you, too. From grand environments to tiny curiosities, Becca and her talented collaborators are ready for a challenge. Your storefront, cafe, museum, etc., will be enriched with an original installation, making your space more distinctive and attractive. Contact Becca for your free creative consult!

Seriously, We'll Make Anything.

What We've Made

  • sixty foot dinosaur
  • lifelike models of fish
  • replica platypus nest
  • miniature gangrenous foot
  • fake fruit you'd want to eat
  • majestic pet portraits
  • 2 vintage tiger rugs restored
  • 11 plastic cast kohlrabi
  • 40 year old decaying walrus head repaired
  • limestone cave for a 1000 year old fossil
  • a habitat for live lemurs
  • and MORE!
Fabrication Studio


  • detailed renderings
  • models of all kinds
  • taxidermy and taxidermy repair
  • sculpting (specializing in natural history objects and animals)
  • mold-making and casting
  • illustration/drawing
  • puppet-making
  • insect pinning/preserving
  • replicating color & texture
  • custom art installation
  • faux finishing
  • habitats for live animals including fish
  • silver soldering and blacksmithing
  • woodworking
  • art consultation
  • and more!

Dream Projects

  • Restoring the Akeley Hall of African Mammals at the American Museum of Natural History
  • Interactive installation at the SC Children's Museum of the Lowcountry
  • Repairing the entire taxidermy collection at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum
  • Fabrication of a larger-than-life statue of a pig for piggly-wiggly headquarters.
  • Custom masks for all the kids at your son's kindergarten birthday party
  • Filling the entire Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art gallery with taxidermy
  • Fake rocks for your waterfall or pond
  • Grasshopper kid's bed
  • Fix family heirlooms or re-appropriate them into art pieces
Fabrication Studio

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