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Sisal & Tow

Hey There, Readers!
I am going to take this opportunity to send you right on over to
It’s been my biggest and craziest venture yet, but I started the LLC a little over three years ago, and I have never loved a job more.
If you visit the site, you’ll learn more about what we do (that’s right, WE! I have employees!)
There is no job too weird or outlandish, we will make whatever artwork you need made.
Thanks for reading!




what is up

P1060806 Custom raccoon mount…


Starting on this Sailfish Repair… yikes!


The opossum and fox are for the Charleston Museum’s education department.

Fixing up the bear so he can make an appearance at the Kinfolk Gathering next week, the HONEY HARVEST! Get your tickets before Tuesday!


Just had to include one more of this guy.

Things are going pretty great over here at Sisal & Tow!




Goodbye to 164

Saying goodbye to New York was like saying goodbye to an old friend.

“See ya later big apple,” I said.

“I’ll visit!”

Zorn and I had a lot of good memories in our lower east side apartment, and all my friends lived in NYC. Leaving was truly emotional (mostly mixed), but I was going onward, to figure out who I was, to start being a fish of a medium size in a small pond rather than feeling lost at sea. Driving my grandmother’s 2006 maxima, Francesca, Zorn, and rats Foxhunt and Fishhooks and I set out on a journey to get me south, to get me out of that concrete jungle.

I was distracted by the Luray Caverns: touristy but truly stunning, by DinosaurLand: tacky and delightful, by the quaint and historic Harper’s Ferry West Virginia. I was propelled by the thought of getting Bruce, whom I’d recently adopted from afar, who was waiting for me but didn’t know it.

This time, I struggle to be distracted.

Wentworth Street in historic downtown Charleston is just another incredible street on this penninsula. A-4 is just a series of walls, old, white ones with tall ceilings, chipping paint, broken screens, creaky floors, leaky faucets. But when I stepped in I knew I had to live here.

In exactly 13 days I will be moving to Warren Street, another amazing beauty of a road downtown, and this time, I’ve actually made the jump, the commitment, the freakish and monstrous step: I’ve bought a house. A home. A studio. A place to RUN MY BUSINESS. (!!!) A yard for Bruce. A leap into domesticity.

I’m excited! I’m thrilled! I’m scared. I’m terrified. This is it. Not it, it. I’m not going to die in this house, but I could raise a family in it (later!). I’m going to make it my own. But there’s so much responsibility. So much to care for. I can’t look the other way when the faucets leak or paint chips anymore. There’s no more messing around. Perhaps I’m afraid of becoming a real adult. A real woman.

When does that happen, anyway?

I know that home is where the heart is, and my heart is with Erik, Bruce, my art, my business, my friends, my family and of course my collections of beautiful things. In honor of moving, and the fact that I haven’t started packing, here are some photos of A-4 taken today, before the storm. Warren St. doesn’t feel like home yet, but I know that once every one and every thing I love gets over there, a new era begins.





The Ordinary Case

My materials finally arrived and I was able to begin construction on this case! I have been looking forward to this for over a month now.

Without giving too many artisan secrets away (ha!) here are some photos of the progress…..

The sea fans have been altered and colored…

I’ve chosen the two perfect colors for the back wall of the case and one for the sides and ceiling…

Beginning of the base!

Starting to look like an ocean floor now… this base will be carved until I am happy, then covered with sand, shells and other textures, then the sea fans, etc. will be added on and sculpted at the base to join the two elements.

More to come later! I’m headed to Santi’s to have a well deserved margarita.





Almanac Illustration


Here are fifty veggies and herbs I drew for the Greenhorns Almanac…. for sweet Francesca Capone.


Recent bits and bobs floating around in the creative process


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