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O+A, Chloe, becoming the lion hearted girl.

How to Stuff A Fox, by O+A

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Photo by Olivia Rae James

It seems that the weeks that are the most unsettling are the ones that I post about. These events, downright insane or even just a little strange, can create certain milestones and tend to re-shape my entire existence.

I welcome it, as I’m a firm believer in Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: “do one thing every day that scares you.”

This month, I’ve said yes to almost everything. I’ve been trying to put my foot down and not do many things for “free” anymore, as I’ve found that the more you do for free you can begin to figure out which things will actually advance your business and which things are just people taking advantage of you.

Things I’ve said yes to:

Installing a two day pop-up studio at old Fuzzco/Pretend Store. I mounted a cross fox that will live permanently in 1600 Meeting St, a new space for creative start-ups, artists studios, and offices.

Being there for a friend as she had to put down an aggressive goat, Chloe, who was in pain, generally unhappy and no longer producing milk. With her help, I skinned her and prepared her to be a life-sized taxidermy piece who will live on forever. More on that later. That day, that whole experience deserves its own blog post, later, when I’ve had more time to consider what actually happened. I will say, for now, that I’m changed, and I think my friend is too. Talk about bonding… we’re “in it for life.” As I drove down the road to the farm, I heard Florence and the Machine singing “I must become the lion-hearted girl” and I was smiling and tearing up thinking about how sometimes things just happen at the right time. A huge wave of emotion washed over me about 10 minutes out, and when I arrived I was told Chloe died 10 minutes ago. It was a pretty spiritual experience. I don’t care how tough you are, how disconnected you can get from things, life coming and going is the most intense thing on the planet. I think that’s why I love taxidermy so much – it’s therapeutic.

Creating decor for Pecha Kucha 20, a milestone for Charleston’s Parliament. Be prepared to have your head in the clouds. (That’s a joke, you’ll get it later.)

Speak at a nursing home about my craft.

Private art lessons with a talented little girl.

Heading up/planning a fundraising event for the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind (May 2014)

Attend an artist intensive weekend for small art business owners.

Create decor for the HooDooMoon, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art‘s Sponsor Party.

Create a wearable, taxidermy deer-head mask for a theater company (more on that later, but as for now it’s on it’s way to Copenhagen!)

And other stuff….


Sisal & Tow, fine fabrication: a gallery space.

Custom tiles for a brand new restaurant.

More repair work for the Charleston Museum.

Creating an ocean-floor diorama for a NSF art exhibition.





Garden & Gun

A little late in the game, I wanted to share the final spread from Garden & Gun’s Feb/March 2013 issue.


It has been an honor to have some amazing press this year! Look out for an interview in Synonym Journal’s latest issue, coming soon.




what is up

P1060806 Custom raccoon mount…


Starting on this Sailfish Repair… yikes!


The opossum and fox are for the Charleston Museum’s education department.

Fixing up the bear so he can make an appearance at the Kinfolk Gathering next week, the HONEY HARVEST! Get your tickets before Tuesday!


Just had to include one more of this guy.

Things are going pretty great over here at Sisal & Tow!




Almost there!

Bruce got on the couch as I was taking this photo.

This thing is almost done… just needs some seahorses AND a case to live in!

The individual seafans are coming along well, and the fish still need mounts. Gotta work on those today.

Hopefully I can put this in the space today or tomorrow!





musc/sewe/women's history month/earth day/recycling extravaganza

I will go ahead and apologize for the lack of images on this post (I always tend to read the ones that have more eye candy) but this post is all about the exciting things that are around the corner for Sisal & Tow Fabrication.

MUSC has commissioned me to create a series of sculptures/installations entirely out of recycled materials, to be shown in various lobbies all over campus Feb-April 2013. We are in the process of finalizing a theme, but today we agreed on “Birds of Prey” if the Center for Birds of Prey  will support/hop on board/join in with us on celebrating MUSC’s Earth Day and the Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition. This basically means I’ll be taking anything I can get my hands on that MUSC recycles, making lots of bird sculptures, and hang them up to be seen for three months. This install also falls within Women’s History Month, so they want to include my work as part of that, too…

Needless to say, I’m so very excited!

The Ordinary case is going well… due on Tuesday, then onto the fish for the shelves!

It’s going to be a busy couple of months.




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