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Here’s a flag I made for my internet Friend, OLD ACHE.


I am happy to say that we have a big JOB for Benefitfocus in January, which will include large sculptural partition walls for their latest building on Daniel Island.

Additionally, I can now officially announce that “RUFOUS: the stuff of life” will open on February 12th at Redux Contemporary Art Center. It is a duo art show featuring Michelle Jewell and Becca Barnet (that’s me!) and we are making ALL NEW WORK. So that’s on the roster as well.


I just spent some time in New Orleans, and was totally inspired by the French Architecture, the liveliness of the people, and the music! The lapidary gems and mineral store was my favorite part I think. I got a lot of crystals, my favorite is black tourmaline.


I am having a sale in the online shop, use the code SISAL at checkout for free shipping, and use the code TOW for $5.00 off your purchase of 2 or more items! webdeer

Also, here’s Bruce inside my bag when I got back from all this traveling.


Here’s what Spartanburg looked like for the five seconds I was home for Thanksgiving!  IMG_3508



Temp Tats

I’m planning to make temporary tattoos for the big cartel site. I’m currently trying to woo Tattly into working with me, but if that doesn’t work I’ll get them to you somehow. TEMP TATS TOwebtats THE PEOPLE.


Recent bits and bobs floating around in the creative process


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