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Of Mice and Hens

The Alliance of Artists Communities is holding their annual conference in Charleston this October.

I am excited to say that my home/studio is on the tour for the afternoon of the 22nd – and it’s already sold out!

We will be pinning insects, and having lots of demos on the world of taxidermy. Things might get weird!

Read more about it here. 


The bag’s for “The Daily” are selling pretty well, get them while they last! The daily also has STUMPTOWN COFFEE, which is the nectar of the gods.


I am also super proud to announce that I am working with Kelly Finn on a kid’s camp to be held at the ARK in Awendaw in November. We want to make the tuition for the full-day camp go toward a free day of art for a local kid in Awendaw as well, so it’s affectionately being referred to now as “Art Gives Back.” More on that later.IMG_1380


Recent bits and bobs floating around in the creative process


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