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Skull Mounts


I finished a skull mount today of a bobcat. It’s a bit tricky to get it into the mount, but that just means it’s super sturdy!


Also, here’s a shot of the cabinet I’m refinishing and my little corner (for which I am eternally grateful).



And finally, THE DUEL! It’s going to be a double mount – iguana vs raccoon.






new things

 6×6″ canvas for Charmingwall Gallery, NYC, this was my “art challenge” for fun, from my boss. i may work back in to it, may call it done…

this is a drawing i did of my newly aquired cabinet, i am re-finishing it and creating an eco system inside. there will be taxidermy, bees, moss, some tree parts, and water with FISH IN IT. WOAH. it is going to take me a very long time but i am very excited. i know i am excited about something when i use a ruler to draw it. this sketch will act as my template for ideas.



tuesdays are now my art days, and i’m starting new skull mounts soon! bobcat / possum / iguana vs. fox.


Recent bits and bobs floating around in the creative process


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