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final pictures of "traveling the silk road"

photos by Christopher Luxem




tiger rug repair 12/3/09

Tiger repair update

 This is a photo of the head before I cleaned it or did anything else to it. I dusted using a rubber dust pick up and an air hose. I cleaned all the sculpted parts with alcohol.

 Next, I used a dremel to get rid of the sculpted parts that were breaking, cracked, or sticking out in weird ways. I also drilled out new nose holes. Not too deep, of course!

I then sculpted with magic sculpt around all the sculpted parts to give everything a very thin, even coat. Making sure not to add too much material. The photo above shows that stage.

 Then I airbrushed everything I re-sculpted. I tried not to take away too much from the vintage look of the rug, so I didn’t do major surgery on this guy. I didn’t want to have to take off the nose or mouth or eyes completely. I think that the look and feel of this guy is important. He had crazy eyes to begin with, so I just made sure to make them a bit more even, but not change them entirely.

 A 3/4 view. All airbrushed.

Today I found fur that I believe will work for the reconstruction of the ears and for the fills in the hide. Onward and upward, Mr. Tiger!


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